Mar 29, 2020

Welcome to Ketogen Rx Diet

Does Ketogen Rx Work?

So, does Ketogen Rx work? Why even take a ketone supplement? Well, “keto pills” give you exogenous ketones to help your body when beginning a keto diet. If you are using Ketogen Rx for weight loss, that’s the way they work. Otherwise, people can take Ketogen Rx Weight Loss Pills for increased energy even if they don’t want to lose weight! That’s because ketone supplements like Ketogen Rx provide you with the exogenous ketones necessary to burn fat for energy. If you continue to eat carbs, a ketone supplement may help you stay energized, but it won’t help you lose weight.

That’s because your body will be using glucose from carbs to burn energy first, and then it will use ketones to burn fat for extra energy. But for the fat burning magic of a keto diet to truly work, your body needs to lack glucose so you produce your OWN ketones for maximizing your metabolism for burning fat and ONLY fat.

Is Ketogen Rx Worth It?

Basically, Ketogen Rx Weight Loss may help you lose weight by making the process of getting off carbs easier through supporting the transition. Ketone supplements may even be good for treating the symptoms of “carb flu”!

It’s difficult to go off carbs because your body is used to them. So you go through a kind of withdrawl while you body adjusts to making its own ketones. Using a ketone supplement may help, though some think it may also be hard on your liver and kidneys, so be aware if you experience any side effects.

These pills may be worth it if you are willing to take those risks and also are aware of the other changes you need to make in your behavior to create lasting metabolic change.